I have written a proposal for a game, television series, mini-series or documentary on mining landfills for recyclables: Landfill Miners, dressed in hazardous-material suits, start at one end of a landfill and push through to the other end sorting out things like paper, plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum, glass, wood, brick and compounds like steel, as well as things that need to be further broken down like electronics. The show would then sell the harvest to any number of companies, who would then haul off the loads for processing as they see fit. Read More


Recycle, upcycle, downcycle, reuse, reprocess, compost, scavenge, resell, hand-over, and leave behind - these would be the network’s options from which to pick when they decide on a stated criterion for the show, and the producers could choose from thousands of “green” companies in which to sell, sell, sell what the Miners have reaped that week. Anything below the threshold, such as disposable diapers, non-recyclable plastics, contaminated paper and cigarette butts, is left behind in a much smaller pile. In other words, the Landfill Miners™ take what is cost-effective to mine, and leave anything the show does not see fit to harvest.
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It takes mountains of rock to make a pound of platinum. Why not mine the mountains of trash to makes tons of recycled raw materials that can be used to make what we need again? Why go back to the mountain to harvest the aluminum when we have landfills full of it already? How is this mining any worse to the environment? What we need to start thinking about is: How is it better?
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